We have a total of 50 years experience in the Forklift Business, and Precision Automotive has been around for 7 years, formerly located in Pell City. The founder of Precision Automotive was John Gilbert Jr, son of John Gilbert Sr. He began the business when he was only 17 years old with the full support of his father. When John Jr passed away in December 2009, John Sr was faced with a difficult decision, he had to decide whether he wanted to re-establish the business that his son had started, or liquidate the company. Because of his son's passion for his business and the mechanical & automotive industry, John Sr took over Precision Automotive. 

Prior to accepting his son's business, John Sr has 40 years of experience with forklifts and material handling equipment, at a business in Pell City. John Sr decided to merge the automotive side of his son's business with his forklift business and opened the doors to a Full Service Facility in Riverside, Alabama. PRECISION AUTO & FORKLIFT can more than accomodate our customers, both the Automotive & Material Handling Equipment side, and we want to make it a pleasant experience. We look forward to serving you, no matter what your needs may be!